How to Donate (Gifts)

The Leifur Eiriksson Foundation is appealing to friends of Iceland and to supporters of international education, especially in those fields of science, technology, arts, and humanities that are most likely to be of special interest to U.S. and Icelandic students. Gifts of any size will benefit students in Iceland and the United States.

A gift of $100,000 to the Foundation will enable the donor to name an endowment to support a scholar or fellow for study.

A gift of $500,000 will enable the donor to name an endowed research professorship for study in Iceland or in the United States.

Current Benefactors

Current benefactors to the Leifur Eiriksson Foundation include a number of individuals, corporations, and foundations:

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Adatto
Alcoa Foundation
Mark and Jan Amerman
AXA Foundation
Charles M. Barbour
Stephen and Cherry Barney
Michael F. Barry and Lee Newman Barry
Dominique Battles and Paul Battles
Ken Bazzle
Anthony A. Bibus
David and Melinda Black
Arthur H. Blitz
Brian E. Bolton
Joseph E. Bonner
Harold Clifford Brown
Norris A. & Shirley Broyles
Richard L. Carle
John T. Casteen, III
Central Bank of Iceland
Robert W. and Mary Beth Clarke
William E. Clarkson
Cobb Family Foundation
William E. Coleman
Columbia Ventures Corporation
Charles L. and Marty Cornwell
Whitman Cross, II and Joy Cross
Richard and Alice Crowder
Roderick H. and Verena VF Cushman
Miriam T. Dever
Jeffrey L. Duncan
Peter A. and Jeanne Fellowes
Don and Joan Fry
David K. Garth
Susanne Garvey
Paul L.Gaston
Jean M. Gooding
Donald Greiner
Gail B. Griffin
Jeffrey T. Gross
Timothy H. Guare and Nira Marsh
Bradley H. Gunter
Magnus Gustafsson
Davis Hamlin
Susan Harris and Russell Gallop
John P. Hashagen
Edward R. and Winifred Haymes
Landon Hilliard
Paul W. Holloway
Frederick S.and Farnell C. Holton
Keith and Claire P. Hume
Eric P. Johnson
Kaupthing Bunadarbanki hf (KB Bank)
Paul Kearney and Debby McLean
James M. Kee
Joan, Elizabeth and Stephen Kellogg
Albert C. and Regina A. Labriola
M. Philip Lucas
Read A. Lunsford
Vincent and Suzanne Mastracco
Marilyn Malina
Richard C. Maxwell
Thomas A. McGowan
Michael D. McNeer, MD
Gill Minor
Dawn H. Morgan
H. Weston Moses
James Nash
Florence Newman
Ossur, Inc.
Peter B. Owen
Peterson Family Foundation
W. R. Piper
Donna Ridley
Carolyn C. Rudmann
Jay T. Waldron
J. Lewis Walker III
Nicholas G. Wilson, III and Audrey Wilson
Michael V. and Anita Wright